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Developing Language Proficiency for Post-secondary Students: Online Assessment and Self-learning of Putonghua through Gamification and Automation

This project aims to set up the online assessment and self-learning of Putonghua not only to provide students with out of class opportunities to practice Putonghua, but also to ‘humanize’ and improve the interactivity of online learning through gamification and automation. In addition, there will be opportunities for a more social experience. Through this new development, we hope to change the one-way online teaching mode for Putonghua where teaching materials and test instruments are simply uploaded to encourage reflexive responses, and instead to create a motivating experience for students whilst also providing online assessment tasks and self-learning through certification.



Ms Elena KO (PI)

Prof Alex CHEUNG (Co-I)

Ms LAU Wai (Co-I)


September 2014 to

August 2017

Glocality” and Cultural Literacy: HSMC English Enhancement Project

In cosmopolitan Hong Kong, it is important for us to be competent in intercultural communication, and able to express our “glocal” identity in English. The current project aims to boost students’ cultural literacy through English language use. Second, we would like to develop students’ awareness of the “glocal” culture, and teach them how to express such a perception in English effectively. We also encourage senior students to share such literacy competency and “glocal” awareness with incoming freshmen as well as other post-secondary students to foster a sustainable intercultural environment in Hong Kong.



Dr Amy KONG (PI)

Prof Thomas LUK (Co-I)

Mrs Anora WONG (Co-I)


September 2014 to

November 2016

The Development of Educational and Research Center with Automatic Virtual Reality Platform for 3D Interactive Learning and Big Data Analytics

The increased complexity in data and operation processes in global organisations has posted a growing demand for big data and process analysis in most of the industries, especially in logistics and transportation, supply chain finance and healthcare logistics. The current mode of classroom teaching and learning with the help of textbooks and case studies, field studies and on-site visits, are not able to demonstrate the complexity of operations to students. Very often graduates, even practitioners, are not able to visualize the end-to-end process of the entire supply chain, finance, or medical operations. The government of Hong Kong is recently promoting the use of virtual learning initiatives to support education needs. To achieve the development of an interactive virtual reality platform for learning and big data analytics, a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) system is much needed in setting up various modules for a number of degree programs in the School. This project aims to develop a cost-effective, fully immersive and interactive visualization CAVE system that provides extremely vivid stereoscopic views of sceneries in 3D design. The CAVE will be applied in teaching, learning and research. The operations of air cargo terminal operations will be first developed in the project. 


Supply Chain and Information Management

Dr Eugene WONG (PI)

Dr Daniel MO (Co-I)


December 2015 to

November 2017

A Visual Platform for the Design, Implementation, and Analysis of Collaborative Business Simulation Games

Many studies showed that business simulation games can facilitate teaching and learning by bridging the gap between theoretical frameworks and real-life problems. Although the off-the-shelf business simulations are readily available, what is missing is the flexibility to design games and simulations around learning outcomes appropriate to specific teaching areas. In light of the diversity of courses in universities, it is important for academics to be able to tailor their own simulation games. The support of the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme allows for the development of our visual platform for collaborative business simulation games. It is the platform that allows academics to design, implement and share their business games.


Supply Chain and Information Management

Dr Collin WONG (PI)

Dr Tommy CHEUNG (Co-I)

Dr Stephen NG (Co-I)

Dr Ricky WONG (Co-I)


December 2015 to

November 2018

Joint-Institution Network for Student Success (JINESS)

This project aims to develop a “one-stop shop” by way of a platform for both students of self-financing institutions and employers in offering solutions to searching career opportunities and recruiting talents respectively. JINESS will be the first of its kind in Hong Kong, establishing a tri-partite relationship among employers, students and self-financing institutions. This relationship will help to establish a professional branding of students for prospective employers and the community at large, to enhance students’ self-confidence and self-image through network building and innovative programmes, and to achieve synergy among self-financing institutions through inter-institutional events, such as career fair, HR forum, research, etc. 

Hang Seng Management College
(Principal Applicant)

Caritas Institute of Higher Education

Centennial College

Chu Hai College of Higher Education

Tung Wah College

Project Director

Dr. Tom Fong



January 2017 to

December 2018