Workshops and Seminars

DateWorkshops and Seminars
2015-12-08HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards Sharing Seminar
2015-06-11Sharing on University Teaching Seminar Series - Seminar 6: Experience Sharing on Teaching Mathematics
2015-02-25科技帶來的機遇 - 翻轉課堂3s (Advancement in Educational Technology -Flip and Beyond)
2014-11-07Revisiting OBTL: Criterion-Referenced Assessment and Grading with Rubrics
2014-10-16iQlickers™: A Low Cost Instant Personal Response System for Teaching, Learning and Polling
2014-04-10Sharing on University Teaching Seminar Series - Seminar 5: Knowing Our Students
2014-03-13Revisiting Outcome-based Teaching and Learning, and Criterion-Referenced Assessments and Grading with Rubrics
2013-11-14Sharing on University Teaching Seminar Series - Seminar 4: The Influence of Part-time Work on Student's Learning - A Case Study
2013-09-24Briefing on Learning Programme Accreditation 2
2013-09-05Forum on Classroom Management
2013-06-18Briefing on Learning Programme Accreditation 1
2013-04-26Exploring E-learning Opportunities (Demonstration Session)
2013-03-01Sharing on University Teaching Seminar Series – Seminar 3: Developing Pedagogical Methods That Facilitate the Realization of Learning Outcomes: Personal Experience
2012-04-26University Teaching Seminar Series: Seminar 2 – (i) Preparation for and Interaction at Teaching; (ii) How to avoid a boring class – A Preliminary Study of Students’ Learning Attitude
2012-03-29University Teaching Seminar Series: Seminar 1 - Different Approaches in Teaching Ethics
2012-01-19Revisiting OBTL with Assessment Rubrics
2011-09-21Outcome-based Teaching
2010-12-09Teaching and Learning at the Information Age
2015-06-05Workshop on Outcome-based Teaching, Learning and Assessment
2016-02-01HSMC Innovation Project Competition 2016 - Briefing Session
2016-02-25HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards Sharing Seminar II
2016-02-25Learning More on Entrepreneurial Spirit Seminar Series - Seminar I
2016-03-24Learning More on Entrepreneurial Spirit Seminar Series - Seminar II
2016-05-04HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards Sharing Seminar III
2016-09-06HSMC Innovation Project Competition 2016 - Awards Presentation Ceremony
2016-10-13Engaging Students Learning via Flipped Classroom
2016-10-27Experience Sharing on Writing a Successful RGC Research Grant Proposal
2016-11-16HSMC Innovation Project Competition 2017 - Briefing Session
2016-12-06Pursuing assessment standards: from moderation and calibration
2016-12-13HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards Sharing Seminar I (2016/17)
2017-01-19HSMC Innovation Project Competition 2017 - 2nd Briefing Session
2017-02-09HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards Sharing Seminar II (2016/17)
2017-03-30HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards Sharing Seminar III (2016/17)
2017-04-06Experience Sharing on Competition/Project Supervision
2017-04-24HSMC Innovation Project Competition 2017 - Awards Presentation Ceremony
2017-05-16HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards Sharing Seminar IV (2016/17)
2017-05-23What is Deep Learning and why it matters?
2017-08-30HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards Sharing Seminar V (2016/17)
2017-09-28Learning Programme Accreditation and Quality Assurance
2017-10-12Creating a Welcoming, Positive and Productive Learning Environment

HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards

HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards 
Launched in 2014/15 academic year, HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards are established to recognise and reward distinguished teachers of the College who have demonstrated outstanding performance in teaching, dedication to continuous improvement in pedagogy, and made a distinguished contribution to teaching.  The Awards will be presented annually to distinguished teachers.  

Eligibility and Nomination 
All full-time academic staff members (professorial and teaching staff) who (i) have taught at least three classes within two regular semesters (excluding the summer term) in an academic year; and (ii) whose average satisfaction score and average performance score in the Students’ Feedback on Modules Questionnaire reach 5.0, will be nominated automatically by the Teaching and Learning Quality Committee (TLQC).  Full-time academic staff members who fail to meet the threshold scores are also eligible for self-nomination.    

Documentation Required 
Eligible staff must prepare a reflective statement of 2 to 3 pages outlining their teaching philosophy, practices and goals, for submission to the Selection Panel for consideration. The reflective statement may also include details about their accomplishment, such as new teaching methods and innovative classroom techniques they developed. They are also encouraged to submit a simple teaching portfolio to the Selection Panel for consideration. The portfolio may contain (i) module outlines or sample of teaching materials to demonstrate organization and clarity in presentation; and (ii) sample assessments to demonstrate the quality of graded assignments that facilitate students’ continuous improvement.

For details about the Awards, please refer to the guidelines.  (click to download)

The results of the HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards:

Teaching Development Grant

Quality Enhancement Support Scheme
To promote quality enhancement of the self-financing post-secondary sector, the Education Bureau (EDB) set up the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) under the Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund to support worthwhile non-works projects or initiatives that help enhance the quality of teaching and learning for students and teachers and the sector as a whole.  Non-profit-making education institutions offering full-time locally-accredited self-financing sub-degree or bachelor's degree (including top-up degree) programmes are eligible to apply.  Other related bodies such as the federations of these education institutions and quality assurance agencies may also apply. The Scheme supports two types of projects, namely, theme-based projects and open-ended projects.  For details of the Scheme, please click here.

EDB is now inviting applications for QESS2015/16 exercise.   Each institution can only submit a maximum of 2 applications each for theme-based projects and open-ended projects.  Interested parties are required to submit a 2-page preliminary proposal with budget to the Teaching and Learning Quality Committee for consideration by Friday, 27 November 2015.   The application procedure and timeline are shown as follows:




Theme-based / Open-ended projects

Submit a two-page preliminary proposal with budget to TLQC Secretary (William Yieu)

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

TLQC meeting

- project teams to  present their proposals at the meeting

- TLQC to select and prioritize the proposals

1 December to 16 December 2016

Selected teams to prepare full QESS proposals for submission to TLQC for further comment

17 December 2016 to 3 February 2017

TLQC to comment on the full proposals

6 February to 15 February 2017

Project teams to finalize the proposal and prepare hard copies for submission

15 February to 27 February 2017

Deadline for submission to EDB

28 February 2017

·         List of QESS Funded Projects

Exemplar Cases

College Case Collection