ABOUT First-Year Study Centre (FYSC)

To provide better learning support and experience to the Year 1 students, the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) established the First-Year Study Centre in Academic Year 2016/17 to provide tutoring services for selected first-year foundation modules (e.g. English, Chinese, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, etc.).  

A 2-hour tutoring session conducted by senior year student for each selected module will be held weekly. The tutoring sessions are open to all students in the modules and are attended on a voluntary basis, free of charge.  All sessions are face-to-face, in help desk format.

Offering Modules (Semester 1, 2018/19)

First-Year/Foundation Modules offer in the Semester 1 of Academic Year 2018/19

AMS1001 Introduction to Linear Algebra and Calculus

Tutor: Ms Renee Tai (AIN, Year 2)

This module introduces basic concepts and methods in linear algebra and calculus that are often used in business applications. Topics selected include numbers and functions, logic, matrix theory, differentiation and integration. Students are equipped with basic skills of calculus, which is the core of many mathematical disciplines such as optimization, financial mathematics, statistics, simulation etc. Students are also enabled to use mathematical methods of calculus and linear algebra for solving a range of practical problems. Applications to business management and economics are provided.

AMS1303 Probability and Statistics

Tutor: Ms Tso Hin Ting (DSBI, Year 3)

This module provides students with the basic probability and statistical knowledge and skills needed to analyse and interpret data for practical applications. Topics are selected including descriptive statistics, probability theory and distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing and regression analysis. Applications to real-life problems are provided.

ECO1001 Business Economics 1

Tutor: Mr Allen Chan (SCM, Year 4)

This module serves to help students to develop an appropriate way of thinking about economics and to develop knowledge about how the economy and the market work. Students will be exposed to various theories and principles with a variety of examples. The module will also provide an opportunity for students to apply various economic tools to current economic issues.

Service Period, Hours and Location

Service Period and Hours

The Centre serves every semester 1 and 2 (excluding summer term) from the first day of class to the end of examination period.  It opens every Monday to Friday, and closes on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Please click here for the timetable of tutoring service for Semester 1, 2018/19.


Room A309 on the 3/F of S.H. Ho Academic Building (Block A)

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