Desired Graduate Attributes (iGPS)

The College aims to nurture students to possess the following “desired graduate attributes: iGPS”:

1.         Intellectual Competence (i): a solid foundation in relevant academic disciplines, and the ability to think critically to solve problems proactively, and to engage in life-long learning.

2.         Generic Skills (G): the development of skills in:

o      languages in both English and Chinese (Cantonese and Putonghua);

o      use of information technology and data analysis;

o      interpersonal communication;

o      teamwork and leadership.

3.         Personal Development (P): self-awareness, ethical values, emotion management, personal effectiveness and character.

4.         Social Engagement (S): the willingness to serve the community and a commitment to acting for the betterment of the society.

The acronym iGPS also carries the symbolic meaning of “I” and the “GPS”; with “I” referring to the individual student and “GPS” taking on the metaphor of “Global Positioning System” which can guide the development of the student through the diverse educational experience at HSUHK.