The Unique “Liberal + Professional” Education Model

HSUHK identifies quality teaching and students’ all-round development as its highest priorities. It adopts the “Liberal + Professional” education model incorporating the iGPS “desired graduate attributes” framework (wherein i = Intellectual Competence, G = Generic Skills, P = Personal Development, and S = Social Engagement). HSUHK is committed to the transformative power of this educational model that facilitates realisation of the individual’s full potentials.

“Liberal” means a broad-based and cross-disciplinary approach to connect knowledge domains, facilitate thinking, and solve problems. The College believes that the purpose of undergraduate education is not solely for acquiring more knowledge and a better job prospect after graduation, but also for cultivating student’s personal values, interests and transferrable core competencies, preparing them to become well-rounded responsible individuals who can handle future work and life challenges confidently, with a commitment to acting for the betterment of the society.

“Professional” means that although HSUHK’s educational approach is broad-based and cross-disciplinary, in view of most college graduates in Hong Kong seek a full-time job right after their first degree, many HSUHK’s degree programmes also have a professional orientation which aims at equipping students with the knowledge and skills to enter into particular professions as well as contributing to different sectors and occupations in the future.

As a self-financed institution, the College finds strength in its autonomy, flexibility and responsiveness to meet community and market needs by developing new innovative programmes, many of which are the first of its kind in Hong Kong.

In programme design, there is a good balance of major studies, common core curriculum and free electives; whereas ample development opportunities/activities form an integral part of students’ holistic educational experience. These opportunities/activities include valuable residential, internship, service, leadership, global exchange and independent research experiences, etc. Students actively engage themselves in different learning opportunities so that they would know themselves better, broaden their global horizons, learn to learn continuously, boost their self-confidence, and realise their potential. The aim is to nurture young talents with critical thinking, innovative minds, caring attitude, moral values and social responsibility.

·         A primary focus on undergraduate education;

·         Platinum award-winning campus facilities with extensive bamboo features;

·         A cross-disciplinary Common Core Curriculum;

·         Residential College system combining living with leaving;

·         Interactive small-class teaching;

·         Close student-teacher relationships;

·         Guidance and mentorship for individual students in and outside classrooms;

·   Extensive outreaching and experiential learning opportunities including community services, internships,  international exchanges and independent research;

·         Scholarships and bursaries amounting to about HK$10 million per year; and

·         An employment rate of over 90% within four months of graduation.