Protecting Personal Data

Being a university student, you may have more chance to meet different kinds of people and join internal and external activities. Through the interaction with others and participation in different activities, handling others' personal data is unavoidable. For example, if you were elected as the president or committee member of one society association, you would have the access right to the personal data of the members, such as their names, gender, student ID or date of birth etc. These are classified as privacy of a person and in which the right of privacy belongs to that person (the data subject); and no one has right to disclose the data without the permission of the data subject. If one day, you may have to collect, use, store or dispose one's personal data, in compliance with Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinances, following principles must be upheld.


Principle 1: purpose and manner of collection

Personal data must be collected in a lawful and fair way, for a purpose directly related to a function /activity of the data user.

Principle 2: Accuracy & duration of retentionPersonal data must be accurate and updated; and should not keep for a period longer than necessary.

Principle 3: Use of personal data

Personal data must be used for the purpose for which the data is collected or a directly related purpose.

Principal 4: Security of personal data

Appropriate security measures must be applied to personal data.

Principle 5: Information to be generally available

Data users must let the data owners know the kinds of personal data they hold and the main purpose for which personal data are used.

Principle 6: Data access to personal data 

The right of access to and correction of their personal data must be given to the data subjects.


From the personal perspective, everyone has the right to enjoy privacy. You have right to decide when, what and how to transfer your personal data to the third party. It could avoid the privacy harassment which caused by the disclosure of the personal data by the data user, on condition that you exercise your right to privacy properly. So, please think twice and ensure the purpose before transferring your personal data such as your HKID No., date of birth and password, to others.


The College respects personal data privacy and as a data user, we are fully committed to implementing and complying with the provision of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and required all students and staff members to comply with the Ordinance when collect, use, store or dispose one's personal data is needed.


For more details, please download the Policy Guidelines & Procedures in Compliance with Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance from the QR Code on previous page.



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