Message to First-Year Students

First-Year Experience


Message to First-Year Students


Welcome to the HSMC family! I am glad to see happy faces of over 1,300 new students starting your learning journey here at HSMC. As a new student, most things here may be new to you: new friends, new learning environment, and new university life. 

 We believe that after four years’ time, you will not only be proud of being a HSMC graduate with the knowledge you have acquired, but also a mature person with fuller personality and character.  Just like a diamond that needs polishment in order to shine, you will grow and actualize your potentials through active participation, learning and reflection.


 I would like to share three points with all new students: opportunities, mentorship, and attitude.



With our “Liberal + Professional” education model and the “iGPS” graduate attribute framework [Intellectual Competence (i), Generic Skills (G), Personal Development (P) and Social Engagement (S)], a wealth of learning and development opportunities are offered here including in-class learning, internship and exchange programmes, experiential and service learning, cultural, arts and sports activities, student societies leadership, and residential college combining living and learning, and so forth. Do actively engage yourselves in different learning opportunities so that you would broaden your horizons, boost your competencies and develop a mindset of caring for others and the society.  Make the most of your opportunities here.  Work hard and enjoy your university life. 



In the internet era, many things are programmable, but such is not our aim of education here.  We treat every student as an individual with respect, no matter where you come from and what academic preparations you have. I personally came from a general family and my university entrance examination results were not outstanding, but I am most grateful that I met some university teachers who became mentors and friends in my life.  So, I encourage you to proactively know better two to three teachers with whom you can discuss an academic subject, your career aspirations or even personal encounters. You will get enlightenment and valuable experience from them which will ignite you for a life time. Our teachers here are always ready to help you shine and glow!       



Before kick-starting your university life, let us take this opportunity to reflect on your personal goals for the years to come.  What do you expect in your four years of study here?  The purpose of pursuing university study is not solely for a better job prospect after graduation, but also cultivating your values, interests and needed competencies to become a well-rounded responsible leader.

 Learning and development opportunities are made available for you; teachers are ready to help you. We respect your own values and choice on ways to optimize your strength. In the end, it is your attitude that matters, and your attitude will decide on the kind of university life and the future life that you will lead!


Wish you all a fruitful and meaningful learning journey at HSMC!


(President’s Message from Orientation Booklet 2017)


Be a respectable and responsible person

HSUHK not only aims to enhance your knowledge and academic excellence, but also to nurture you with high moral standards; and to prepare you for respectable and responsible citizenship.                                                                                                                    

·      Academic Integrity

·      Respect Others

·      Protect Personal Data                                                                                        


Student Orientation

To help you get acquainted with the university life, orientation activities are held to offer you fun and opportunities to meet other students. Practical advices and valuable information are also provided to help you set into the new community.


·      College Orientation Day 2018

·      Orientation camps 2018

·      Introduction Videos of U-Life

·      Important Dates


Make your study meaningfully


HSUHK is committed to provide you a unique learning experience and offer the best quality teaching and learning.  To support your first-year study and help you have a better understand of the learning at HSUHK, full range of supports and specified programmes are being run for first-year students.


·   “Liberal + Professional” Education Model

·   Outcome-based Teaching and Learning (OBTL)

·   iGPS

·   Common Core Curriculum

·   Scholarships and awards

·   Undergraduate Curriculum Structure

·   Your Study Partners

o    First-Year Study Centre

o    Information Technology Services Centre

o    Library

o    Registry

o    Student Affairs Office

Be connected to a wider community

The “Liberal + Professional” education model emphasizes on all-round education and whole-person development. Other than formal curriculum, HSUHK strives to nurture students with all-around qualities through non-formal education.


·       Residential Life

·       Exchange Programme

·       Internship Programme

·       Student Development & Campus Life


Physical and mental wellness

Other than your academic and social development.  We do encourage the balance of physical activity, nutrition and mental well-being to keep you in good condition of physical and mental wellness.


·      Counselling Services

·      Physical Education


Servant leader












Though the participation in different committee or volunteer works.  You will have the chances to develop planning, organizational and leadership skills by serving, working and collaborating with your teammates, schoolmates and different kinds of people.


·        Student organizations

·        Be a volunteer