e-Learning in HSMC


e-Learning in HSMC

HSMC has launched many e-learning initiatives since 2010, when it offered its first degree programs.   With the support from Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC), HSMC has set up:

  • A Moodle Learning Management System to support teaching and learning.
  • An Interactive Classroom System (NetSupport School) to support classroom control and interactions.
  • Full-WiFi coverage in campus, especially in every classroom.
  • Smart Classrooms for teachers/students to use laptops and mobile devices for learning

To further advance the development of e-Learning, HSMC is pleased to set up an e-Learning Team under the Centre for Teaching and Learning.  


Our Mission

  • To explore, develop, and promote e-learning in HSMC
  • To see that HSMC will benefit from the use of e-learning technologies and applications


Our Vision

HSMC to become a leader in the use of e-Learning to support, extend, and transform teaching and learning:

  • Support Learning – To enhance our teaching and learning process and make it more efficient and effective.
  • Extend Learning – To broaden students’ learning horizons by offering online learning resources and self-learning MooC courses.
  • Transform learning – To transform teaching and learning practices with innovative pedagogies, nurturing students to become life-long and life-wide learners.


Our Objectives

  • e-Learning Platforms – To set up and manage e-learning platforms (LMS and MooC) for hosting our online courses.
  • e-Learning Teachers - To empower teachers with resources, training, and support that they can deploy technologies to enhance teaching and learning.
  • e-Learning Courses - To develop several pilot MooC courses to explore the frontiers of e-learning.

e-Learning Team

e-Learning Working Group (2015/16)

  • To advise and recommend to Academic Board, as appropriate, on matters relating to the development of e-Learning in Hang Seng Management College; and
  • To advise Centre of Teaching and Learning on the development of MooC and e-learning.

Membership Composition



Vice-President (Academic & Research)/ Director of CTL

Director of Information Technology Services Centre/ Associate Director of CTL

Y V Hui*     


P C Wong*         





Representative nominated by the Dean of School of Communication

Brian So


Representative nominated by the Dean of School of Humanities and Social Science

Donovan Grose


Representative nominated by the Dean of School of Business

Fanny Chan


Representative nominated by the Dean of School of Decision Science

Jacky Leung 


Representative nominated by the Vice-President (Academic & Research)

Daniel Mo



Executive Staff, Centre for Teaching and Learning

William Yieu



e-Learning Officers





Prof. P.C. Wong

Associate Director


Mr. Mike Ching

ITSC E-Learning Coordinator


Ms. Ivy Shi

Instruction Designer


Ms. Clarie Li

Instruction Designer

e-Learning Initiatives

HSMC is pleased to launch the following e-Learning initiatives in 2015/2016, to achieve the following objectives:

  • To set up a self-learning MooC platforms with several pilot MooC courses offered by academic staff.
  • To empower colleagues to become effective practitioners of e-learning, authoring MooC courses and/or adopting e-learning in classrooms.
  • To explore effective e-learning strategies for the college to harness the benefits of e-learning.



1. Massive Open Online Course (MooC)

The e-Learning Team is pleased to launch a MooC pilot course development programme.   We will provide the following support to teachers to produce mini-MooC courses in 2015/2016.   The courses will be hosted on the HSMC and/or public MooC platforms:

  • Consulting Support – To help teachers identify a suitable course for MooC development, and offer advice on the lesson plans, topics, and instruction designs.
  • Resources Support – To provide hardware and software tools for teachers to develop online learning materials.
  • Technical Support - To provide assistance in the production and uploading of materials.
  • Promotion Support – To promote their courses via video, pamphlets, newsletters, etc.
  • Evaluation Support – To collect usage statistics and offer feedback to teachers.

We will also evaluate the overall effectiveness of the e-Learning programme, as well as explore the deployment of innovative pedagogies with e-Learning, such as Flipped Classroom, Blended Learning, Outcome-based Learning, etc. 


2. Moodle Teacher Certification Programme (MTCP)

HSMC has been using Moodle for many years, and basic training are provided to new teachers .   To empower our teachers to become more competent practitioners of e-learning, we would like to develop a Moodle Teacher Certification Programme.  This programme will allow teachers to develop level by level their knowledge, skills, and pedagogies in using innovative e-learning technologies in classrooms.   The programme will have THREE levels:





Support Learning

Teachers can use Moodle to support/facilitate a wide variety of classroom functions, such as giving resources to students, collecting assignments, facilitating discussions, assessing students through quizzes, and so on.


Extend Learning

Teachers can use some Moodle advanced functions to extend students’ learning horizons, such as via self-study workshops, case studies, projects, etc.


Transform Learning

Teachers can use Moodle to support innovative teaching and learning strategies, especially flipped classroom for outcome-based teaching and learning.  


3. Quick Response System (QRS)

In classroom teaching, it is common that teachers would like to get an instant feedback from students on (i) how they think about an idea; (ii) whether they have mastered a concept.  A Quick Response System (QRS) will allow teachers:Quick Response System

  • To define a question before or during a class, and open for students to respond.   The response may be anonymous or recorded.
  • When all students have responded, teacher may view the results, and/or release the results to students.

ITSC is evaluating some QRS systems in the market, and will recommend one for the teachers.    The system should have the following features:

  • To allow teachers to sign-in and manage a list of folders/subfolders, each folder will a list of questions.
  • Each question is associated with a Question Key, which may be placed on powerpoint for teacher/student quick access.
  • When click, teachers may choose to open a Session for students to respond to the Question.   A QR code (and its session key) will be displayed on-screen for student response.
  • When students click the key, they will see the latest session (if available) for them to respond.   They will enter and see the question and the list of answers.
  • Students will select one answer and submit.
  • Teacher may then close this session, and click to release the result.   The result is shown online for all students to view.