e-Learning in HSMC


e-Learning in HSMC

HSMC has launched many e-learning initiatives since 2010, when it offered its first degree programs.   With the support from Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC), HSMC has set up:

  • A Moodle Learning Management System to support teaching and learning.
  • An Interactive Classroom System (NetSupport School) to support classroom control and interactions.
  • Full-WiFi coverage in campus, especially in every classroom.
  • Smart Classrooms for teachers/students to use laptops and mobile devices for learning

To further advance the development of e-Learning, HSMC is pleased to set up an e-Learning Team under the Centre for Teaching and Learning.  


Our Mission

  • To explore, develop, and promote e-learning in HSMC
  • To see that HSMC will benefit from the use of e-learning technologies and applications


Our Vision

HSMC to become a leader in the use of e-Learning to support, extend, and transform teaching and learning:

  • Support Learning – To enhance our teaching and learning process and make it more efficient and effective.
  • Extend Learning – To broaden students’ learning horizons by offering online learning resources and self-learning MooC courses.
  • Transform learning – To transform teaching and learning practices with innovative pedagogies, nurturing students to become life-long and life-wide learners.


Our Objectives

  • e-Learning Platforms – To set up and manage e-learning platforms (LMS and MooC) for hosting our online courses.
  • e-Learning Teachers - To empower teachers with resources, training, and support that they can deploy technologies to enhance teaching and learning.
  • e-Learning Courses - To develop several pilot MooC courses to explore the frontiers of e-learning.


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e-Learning Team

e-Learning Working Group 

  • We provide resources for collaborative courses design, applying innovative classroom and digitally mediated teaching practices.
  • We offer HSMC instructors customized support to advance teaching and learning.





Daniel Mo

Associate Director


Mr. Mike Ching

ITSC E-Learning Coordinator


Ms. Fiona Lu

Instruction Designer


Ms. Clarie Li

Instruction Designer