E.          Can I adopt an outcomes-based approach for my career planning and personal growth?

Ø  An outcomes-based approach is in fact a very effective way to guide your career planning and personal growth. As an example of planning for your career, you can adopt the same principle by asking the following questions:

Outcomes-based Questions


What do I want to do after graduation? (OUTCOMES)

 I would like to be a teacher teaching economics in a high school.

How can I succeed? (ACTION PLAN)

w  Search information on the qualification of a teacher qualified to teach economics in a high school.

w  Seek opportunities to acquire the qualification in time.

w  Seek internship to try out teaching in a school

w  Watch out for teaching opportunities from different sources.


How do I know I am successful? (SELF-ASSESSMENT)

When opportunities arise, I have several interviews from different education institutes resulting in having more than one offer which allows me to select my favourite school.