Curriculum Structure

Aims and Objectives

·         To provide rigorous general education for students in preparation for their major studies;

·         To promote integrative learning through competing critical viewpoints and a variety of pedagogical models;

·         To foster speaking, reading, writing, critical thinking, communication skills, and IT and numerical skills necessary for students’ academic studies and future successes in an ever-changing world;

·         To cultivate students to be literate and responsible participants in the workplace, society and the world; and

·         To develop students’ understanding of the ethical values and dimensions of their actions.


For Degree Programmes offered in 2014/15 and thereafter

Common Core Curriculum Requirement

15 (45) – 16 (48)

37.5% – 40%

(i) General Education

7 (21)


(ii) Languages


3 (9)
3 (9)



(iii) Quantitative Methods and IT Skills #

2 (6) – 3 (9)

5% – 10%

# Unless specially approved, all programmes should include at least 1 module in quantitative methods and 1 module in IT Skills


GE Modules

Students are required to take at least ONE module from each of the following four academic clusters:

Cluster 1: Humanities

Cluster 2: Social Sciences

Cluster 3: Science and Technology

Cluster 4: Moral Reasoning

Workshops and Seminars

DateWorkshops and Seminars
2016-04-29The Ideas of Liberal Education

GE Salon




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Policy and Regulation Governing Common Core Curriculum

Module Proposal Form